You can buy a ticket for someone else to travel with by choosing one of these options –

  • Mobile Tickets – firstly, the person travelling will need our app. When you book, choose our Mobile Ticket option and just fill out the name of the person travelling, instead of your own. Then, all you need to do is forward the booking confirmation email to that person. They can then tap “Download your mobile ticket” on our app and voila!
  • etickets – forward the email to the traveller who can open the e-ticket attachment on their phone or print off a paper copy. 
  • By post – make sure you put the delivery address for the person who’s travelling, instead of your own. Don’t worry, the billing address and delivery address can be different.  
  • Self-service ticket machine - collection is available from any one of the 1,700 ticket machines in stations across the UK. This is where you use a collection reference number and a debit/credit card to access your tickets and print them. Sometimes you’ll be given the option to collect tickets with any debit/credit card and not necessarily the one which was used in payment. It’s worth checking if this option is available to you on the delivery options screen when you’re booking. If you pay for your tickets using PayPal or Apple Pay then collection with any type of card is guaranteed.