It's good to know exactly what you're paying for. So, we've answered the most common questions about our fees below.

Why do you charge a service fee?

When you book on our website or our app, we may charge you a service fee. These fees go towards improving our products and services, so you can keep enjoying hassle-free travel by rail and coach. We keep a close eye on our fees to make sure we're always putting your money to the best use, as well as giving you the best value.

By paying a small fee, you're helping us invest in some nifty technology, like our Price Prediction tool - the UK's first ever technology that calculates the future price of your train tickets. And, more recently, booking fees have helped fund our voice app built for the Google Assistant, which lets you book tickets and get up-to-date information about your journey, just by asking your device to "Talk to Trainline".

Do I always have to pay a service fee?

No. Whether fees apply depends on your chosen journey, ticket price, when you are booking and whether you book on our website or on our app.

Why do some customers see different fees?

The fee you pay is calculated depending on whether you book on our website or on our app, when you are purchasing your ticket, and the value of your ticket. We are also continually testing changes in our product, which means some customers may have a slightly different experience to others while tests are in place.

Does Trainline charge any fees to collect tickets or have them delivered?

We do not charge delivery fees for providing mobile tickets, tickets you print at home, or tickets you collect at the station. We do charge delivery fees for any tickets sent to you in the post.

Why should I book with Trainline?

With us, booking tickets is only half of the story. Our app, which our fees help fund, helps you at every point of your journey. Whether it's our Price Prediction tool to help you save money, our Mobile Tickets saving you time, or our live journey information keeping you on track, with our app in hand you're bound to have a better travel experience.