If your train was cancelled, then please complete our refund form

Eligible ticket types

You can normally get a refund on:

  • the outbound part of a Return ticket, provided neither part of your ticket have been used
  • the inbound part of your ticket, provided you haven't used that part of it

Anytime, Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets can be bought as Single or Return fares, so you can request partial refunds for Return tickets. Advance tickets are only sold as Single fares, so partial refunds don't apply.

How are partial refunds calculated?

A partial refund doesn't necessarily work out as a 50% refund. Your refund is calculated by subtracting the price of the equivalent Single ticket from the price of the Return ticket. In some cases, the difference between the tickets is so minimal that you wouldn't be eligible for a refund. 

Let's say for example, an Off-Peak Single ticket for your route is £91.10 and the Off-Peak Return for the same route is £92.20, you wouldn't be eligible for a refund. 

We charge a (based on the price of your ticket). So, if the difference between the Single and Return tickets is lower than the refund fee, then you won't be eligible for a refund. 

How to request a partial refund

While you can request full refunds in your account, for partial refunds it's a little different. You'll need to get in touch with us to do this please visit our contact us help page.