As well as using your monthly report to keep a track of the spend made on your business account, you can also download a statement.  

  1. First, make sure you’re logged in as Admin.
  2. Choose ‘Journeys’ on the left-hand tab of the Dashboard.  
  3. Use the ‘Upcoming Journeys’ and ‘Past’ tabs, or the date range fields (in the top-right corner), to filter your results. Your results will be filtered by journey date, not booking date.
  4. Click ‘Download statement’.
  5. You’ll get a .CSV file (a spreadsheet), which you can save to your computer. Just so you know, you can only download statements for the full month, you can’t download a few days or a week.  

The .CSV file will show you a breakdown of things like cost, booker, travellers, as well as things like which Cost Centre was applied. Learn how to get more out of your account by using Management Information (MI).