You can only download your Mobile Ticket to one device, so make sure you download it to whichever device you’re planning to take with you when you travel. If you’ve already downloaded the ticket but now are travelling with a different device then you can move it.

How to move your Mobile Ticket to a different device

You can move you ticket to another mobile in just a few easy steps-

1. Find the ticket in the My tickets section of the app and select 'View tickets'

2. Move the tickets-

  • If you have the Android app tap the menu in the top right corner (3 dots) and choose 'Move tickets'
  • If you the IOS app tap options in the top left corner and choose 'Move tickets'

3. Open our app in the device you’d like to move your tickets to, log in to your trainline account and then download your tickets to your new device.

If you need to transfer the ticket to another traveller, please ask them to download the app and login to their account, if they are a new customer ask them to create an account. Once they've done this please contact us and we will move the ticket to their account. 

Just so you know, before you travel you need to activate the ticket on your device. However, once activated you can no longer move, change, or refund the ticket so it's best to wait until just before travel before activating.