On Trainline you can pay for certain journeys in any of 10 currencies - GBP (£) / US Dollar ($) / Australian Dollar (A$) / Canadian Dollar (C$) / Swiss Franc (CHF) / Swedish Krone (SEK) / Euros (€) Danish Krone (DKK) Norwegian Krone (NOK)Japanese Yen (JPY)

We automatically display the currency that we think is most relevant to you but you can change to your preferred currency
  • on our website - using our currency switcher dropdown located at the top of the homepage
  • on our apps - selecting currency in the account settings
  • on the mobile website - selecting currency from the menu located at the top at the top of the homepage

If you are entitled to a refund and you paid in a currency different from the operator's currency, then any fees that apply to your refund will be calculated in the currency you paid in (and at the exchange rate that applied at the time of purchase).

If you decide to pay using a credit or debit card linked to a bank account set up in a currency different to the one in which you have decided to pay, then you may be subject to any applicable fees chargeable by your bank (for example, commissions) and, in the event that you request a refund, you may be subject to foreign currency fluctuations between the time of ticket purchase and the time of refund.

If you’ve used our save for later feature, the price shown is using the latest exchange rate, this exchange rate may have varied between the time the ticket was locked and when you return to purchase. The price on payment is the full price including any exchange rate changes.