Where are customer reviews obtained from?

We occasionally display customer reviews on our site.  All reviews shown on our site are reviews obtained from Trustpilot.  Trustpilot reviews are either organic reviews or reviews by invitation.  See Trustpilot’s FAQ page for more info on these two review methods.    


Have any reviews been sponsored or influenced by a contract with Trainline?

No, all reviews are shown on our site are reviews obtained from Trustpilot as described above.   


What steps do we take to verify that reviews are genuine?

Organic Trustpilot reviews are verified via Trustpilot’s standard processes.  Trustpilot reviews by invitation are linked to a customer’s Trainline booking reference number, so we know that such individuals have purchased a ticket on Trainline. 


What are Trainline ‘Tips and Tricks from our Travel Blog?

We also display Trainline travel writer blogs.  These are not customer reviews; they are travel blogs written by one of our Trainline employee travel writers.  Where we display these blogs, we make it clear they are written by Trainline travel writers and that they are recorded first hand, based on their genuine experience of the journey.