Can I get a refund if I haven’t used all the 8 Day Passes? 

Yes, refunds are available for each Day Pass not used, but you must apply for a refund before the 28 days has expired. 

Each time you activate a Day Pass it immediately gets marked as used and becomes non-refundable. 

Each Day Pass is treated as the same value as an Anytime Day Return fare. The refund amount is based on the total cost of used Day Passes, deducted from the original price of your Flexi ticket, minus a £10 admin fee. 

Our development teams are working hard in introducing effortless refunds via our app. In the meantime, we ask that refund requests are made by contacting our customer support team

Our refund team will calculate your refund on a case by case basis, but it's worth stating that there may be situations where no money is due. For example, using 7 Day Passes and refunding only 1 might not be a positive refund amount.

Can I change the origin or destination of my Flexi Season ticket instead of a refund? 

Day Passes are restricted to a specific route and can’t be changed.