UK train tickets

Depending on your ticket type, you may be eligible for a refund or an exchange on your ticket. We charge a fee, based on your ticket value to do this.

Ticket ValueRefund/Exchange Fee
Up to £1.99No fee
£2 to £3.99£1.00
£4 to £5.99£2.50
£6 to £7.99£3.00
£8 to £10.99£5.00
£11 to £12.99£7.50
£13 to £14.99£8.50
Over £15£10.00

If you haven't collected your ticket by the expiry date of the ticket, we'll automatically refund your ticket subject to our refund fee and our terms and conditions.

Train travel in rest of Europe

Exchange fees are detailed during the booking and details of the applicable fees (if any) can be found in your Account.