This article is if your journey is in the UK.

If your journey requires you to transfer trains between two stations then whilst searching for a trip we will recommend the best option -

  • If only a short hop then it may be best to walk if you can.  
  • If travel is between stations in London then Tube might be best, in which case this ticket will be sold to you as part of the overall cost of the trip.  
  • If between stations outside of London then a bus could be best - we will only sell you the train tickets so you will need to buy your bus tickets separately.

There is one specific transfer shown that we know can be misleading.  If part of your journey is from Edinburgh Airport to another station then sometimes we recommend bus or tram, but don't always make it obvious that you need to make your own way and buy your own ticket.  We rely on industry data to show these recommendations and in this case it's not entirely accurate.