Open Return tickets allow you to be flexible on the train you decide to travel back on. There are two different ways to buy Open Return tickets.

  1. If you started your search by selecting Return journey you'll be asked to choose which train you want to return on, even if the ticket you select is an Open Return ticket.
  2. If you started your search by selecting Open Return then the same ticket will be offered, but you don't need to select the train you want to return on.
Why would I choose to select a return date?

The main benefit of booking a Return, instead of an Open Return is the option of reserving a seat. If you'd like to reserve a seat, search for a Return ticket, if you're not fussed about seat reservations and aren't sure when you're returning, pick an Open Return.

Here are the different types of Open Return tickets available –

Anytime Return - the outward portions of Anytime Returns are valid for five days, including the date on the ticket. You must return within one calendar month of the outward travel date specified. For example, if you bought an Anytime Return for 1st Feb you could wait 'til 5th Feb to make your outward journey.

Anytime Day Return - your outbound and return travel can be on any train on the date specified. For example, if you bought an Anytime Day Return for 1st Feb you would have to take your outward and return journey on 1st Feb.   

Off-Peak Return - your outward journey must be on Off-Peak trains on the date specified, and you must return on Off-Peak trains within one calendar month.

Off-Peak Day Return - your outbound and return journey can be on any Off-Peak train on the date specified.   

Super Off-Peak Return - you can return on any Super Off-Peak train within one calendar month.

If you’re unsure about when you can travel, our Train Times page clearly highlights whether a train is Peak, Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak. 

Please note: Your ticket may be valid on specified operators only.