Off-peak trains offer flexible tickets at cheaper prices. Before travelling make sure you check ticket for restrictions, it may specify your ticket is only valid to use with one train operator.   

How to check when Off-Peak trains are? 

Unfortunately, there is not one set rule that applies to all Train Operators.  Most Off-Peak tickets are found during weekend travel or through the week outside of commuting hours, but the only way to know for sure is to check an individual journey using our app or website. 


Our app highlights if train times are Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak. If neither is displayed, then it’s a Peak train. 


Visit our train times page, scroll down to the 'Change' button and enter your journey search for a clear display of what trains are Peak vs Off-Peak vs Super Off-Peak. 

Alternatively, you can search for tickets from our home page by using ‘Get times & tickets’. The types of tickets presented are an indication of if the train is at an Off-Peak or Super-off Peak time.  Click the earlier/later buttons until you find your ideal one.

Still want to learn more about Off-Peak trains?