The system that produces the Live Departure Boards is automated and has some limitations:

  • In general, any lateness shown is based on reports of trains passing monitoring points located around the country. If a train encounters delay, the extent of this delay will not be known until the train passes the next monitoring point on its journey.
  • Where monitoring points have not reported when we expect, or where there is some other uncertainty about the status of the train, we may mark some trains with an asterisk (*). This could mean that the train has been delayed and has not yet passed the monitoring point. It could also mean that the monitoring point has failed and that the train is in fact still running as previously expected. We will not be able to determine which is the case until the train passes a monitoring point and sends a report. Customers are therefore advised to place less reliance on times marked with an asterisk.
  • Trains for which the train operating company has provided no information and no reports have been received from monitoring points will be marked 'No report' or 'Starts Here'. Expected arrival and departure times will be shown when a report is received.
  • Any failures of monitoring points or other equipment will not prevent the 'Last updated' date and time on station pages being updated as new trains are displayed on each page. Estimated times may therefore be out of date even though a recent date and time is shown.
  • Trains can make up time and may arrive and depart earlier than the estimated times shown on this site.
  • Some trains operate over 'circular' routes, where the train returns to the same station later in its journey. The Live Departure Boards on this site will usually show the ultimate destination of a train, though displays at the station may show a different destination on the train's first visit. Select a train's origin or destination to see a page of more detailed information on the train (the "details view"), including which stations the train will call at and the stations previously visited.
  • Each details view gives details of any previous calling points in the train's journey, with the timetabled departure time from each. If a movement report has been received giving the train's actual departure time from a previous calling point, then this will be shown.
  • If a specific train's 'Operator' is not displayed, the service may call at additional stations besides those shown.
  • Many stations are equipped with Customer Information Systems that display and/or announce details of the trains calling at the station. Live Departure Boards obtains information from some of these Customer Information Systems in order to enhance the information available to customers. Discrepancies may exist between the information showing on Live Departure Boards and the information showing on Customer Information Systems or being announced.
  • The service may not be available for short periods during the night while routine maintenance is carried out.

This system is an information system only. The information is made available 'as is', and neither ourselves nor our suppliers offer any guarantee or warranty in respect of the quality, accuracy or suitability of use of the information to you or any other matter relating to the information on this Live Departure Boards service. Your use of this information and any reliance you place on it is at your own risk. We have no liability for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, you suffer as a result of relying on any fact or statement which is proved to be incorrect.