This applies to all trainline for business accounts who have either signed for an account since August 2016 or had their account recently upgraded to a new dashboard.

The Administrator of the Company Account can now edit the status of employees which makes it easier to give them access to different levels of the Company Account.

To edit an employee, the Administrator selects Employees on the left-hand tab of the Managing your UK Business Dashboard.


Against each employee on the right-hand side there is an edit button.


Clicking Edit will display a couple of different options.


There is a Delete option for deleting the employee from the Company Account. Remember that deleting the employee from the company account will remove all records relating to that employee including any bookings.

There is also a drop-down list in which you can change the Employee's status from Traveller to Admin. This can be used to cover any kind of leave and can easily be switched back with minimal fuss.

Once you have made the necessary changes, just click Done to save the changes.