Adding a Cost Centre, or multiple Cost Centres, to your Trainline for Business account will make it easier to manage your company’s travel costs. You’ll be able to see breakdowns of costs by department, so you can review against budgets regularly.  

Follow these steps to set up a Cost Centre –

  1. Log into your Trainline for Business account as Admin.
  2. Choose ‘Cost Centre’ in the left-hand menu of your Dashboard.
  3. Click ‘Add cost centre’.
  4. In the textbox that pops up, add in your Cost Centre details separated by commas. You can put in either Cost Centre numbers, or names like Marketing, Finance, HR, depending on how your business is structured.
  5. Click ‘Add cost centres’ to confirm. You can always add more later.

Now, when employees book travel on your business account, they’ll be asked to choose a Cost Centre before they continue. Bookings won’t be completed until a Cost Centre is chosen.