You can request a refund on the remaining portion of your unused Season ticket if: 

  • Your Weekly Season ticket has three or more days' validity remaining 
  • Your Monthly or Custom Season ticket has seven or more days' validity remaining
  • Your Annual Season ticket has two or more months' validity remaining

How to request a refund for your Season ticket: 

You can request a refund for your Season ticket by following one of the below methods.


Digital Season ticket:

You can request a refund in the 'my tickets' section of the app. 

Paper Season ticket

1. Login to your Season ticket account

2. Select your 'Active' Season ticket and click 'Refund' in the bottom left corner

3. Download, print & complete the 'Season ticket refund application' form; please include the following information:  

  • Your full name
  • Transaction ID
  • Company name (if your ticket is provided by your company)
  • Contact details
  • Reason for cancelling (e.g. No longer required)

4. Send the ticket and fully completed refund application form to the below address:

    Seasons Department

    PO Box 23971


    EH3 5DA

We recommend you send it via recorded/special delivery. 

The last date of use will be calculated as 3 days prior to the date we receive your application.