A receipt for proof of payment and/or proof of travel is available from our App or website, you can access it from my bookings following the directions below:


If using our website

  1. Login into My Booking
  2. Find the relevant booking under Upcoming or Past tab, click on "Order details and history".
  3. An expense receipt/ invoice will be formatted ready for printing.

If using our app

  1. Open ‘My tickets’ and find the ticket for the trip you’d like an expense receipt/ invoice.
  2. Click ‘Manage my booking’.
  3. Choose the option ‘Expense receipt’.
  4. An expense receipt will be formatted ready for downloading.


You will require an account to view My Booking, to create an account simply click on the 'Register to manage my booking' button in your confirmation email

For information on VAT receipts please see – VAT Invoice/ Receipt